Guitar Lessons

Private guitar lessons offered to beginners, intermediate, and advanced players. Students will build effective habits and techniques on the guitar that will directly apply to the pieces and songs they love.

Mission Statement:

Providing exceptional guitar instruction that creates an atmosphere of learning and enjoyment for students to exude confidence and joy in their playing and musical expression for years to come.

Guitar lessons can help you:

  • learn to focus your mind
  • develop self-discipline
  • gain confidence in your playing
  • feel inspired and inspire others with your playing
  • express yourself

The classical guitar style will be incorporated into our weekly lessons.  It is the goal of these first few weeks to supply each student with a foundation of understanding in the classical guitar technique that will allow them to progress in the musical direction of their choice, which may be to continue with the classical style or to integrate popular or folk styles if the student wishes.

Just starting out:

-Fundamentals of the guitar (sitting position, parts of the guitar, names of the strings)
-Effective positioning of the hands
-Basic chords and note plucking
-How to read music
-Learning fun songs and exercises


-Playing posture & reducing tension
-Learning more advanced songs and pieces
-Sight-reading music
-Finger picking (pima), barré chords
-Playing with other musicians
-Music theory: relating smaller concepts to a larger musical picture
-Playing by ear and learning the songs and pieces you want to play
-Chords, scales, and hand-strengthening exercises
-Musical phrasing and dynamics
-Technical tricks: harmonics, slurs, strum patterns, and more…

I believe in a positive and encouraging approach, one which cultivates an atmosphere of learning and enjoyment while playing the guitar. I have taught at the San Francisco Conservatory of Music where I served as the guitar Teaching Assistant to David Tanenbaum for two years and have enjoyed teaching the guitar to children, teens, and adults of all skill levels since 2009. I’m happy to learn more about your musical needs and desires with playing the guitar.


$40 – 30-minute private lessons

$60 – 45-minute private lessons

$80 – 60-minute private lessons

In-home guitar lessons available

Email or call 808-265-4099 today. New students welcome!

“I hired Stephan to continue teaching my son classical guitar, and we have been beyond pleased.  Stephan has been an absolute pleasure to work with — flexible with scheduling, super friendly and very knowledgeable.  Most importantly, my son really responds to him.  Stephan has a very calm demeanor and is great with kids.  He has also gone out of his way to let us know about classical guitar concerts and events which my son has really enjoyed.  My son is really blossoming under Stephan’s instruction and seems to be genuinely inspired to continue learning. 

I wholeheartedly recommend Stephan for any child or adult wanting to learn (or continue learning) classical guitar!” – (found on Stephan Kane’s Yelp page)

Lisa Green
San Francisco, CA

I’ve played guitar for years, but after only one lesson with Stephan I noticed a huge improvement in sound, comfort and confidence. His talent in playing guitar is matched by his ability to teach–not a common gift. I highly recommend lessons from Stephan for anyone with a desire to take their skill to another level–beginners and experienced guitarists alike.

Laura Christine
Singer/songwriter, Yoga Teacher, LMT
Honolulu, HI